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"From the first phone call inquiring about their employee perception services to the actual presentation of the results to our staff, the SDS Research team has been thorough, obliging, on time, within budget and absolutely a delight to work with. They were more than willing to work with us on all aspects of the survey and provided the much needed "impartial, third party" presence we needed to assure our employees that their concerns would be handled in a totally professional manner. Thanks to your entire team for making our survey a meaningful experience for our entire organization."

- Richard J. (Dick) Salentine, SPHR Manager of Support Services, ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc.

"Bandera Electric Cooperative Inc. has engaged the services of SDS Research for many years. The staff at SDS is committed to providing professional customer service. Their proven experience and expertise in assisting BEC with a well rounded report enables our Cooperative to better support our members. SDS provides the details which allow BEC to utilize it as a benchmarking tool and a higher level of customer service can be provided to our members."

- Debbie Corley, Member Relations Supervisor, Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.

"Working with SDS Research on our latest customer survey was an exceptionally positive experience from beginning to end. The Alert Program allowed us the opportunity to respond immediately to customers’ issues or concerns. The survey results were presented in a clear, personalized, professional manner. We look forward to working with SDS Research again the future."

- Jessica DeWitt, CP-TEL

"Our company, Venture Communications, has been using TouchPoint Tracking provided by SDS Research. As we made the decision to implement the program, we found that we were unable to make this type of follow-up call for less than what SDS Research charges. It is a very cost effective option for this type of customer feedback. SDS has been responsive to our needs, and has customized several aspects of the reports based on our request. I have been satisfied with the service, and the quality of the information we are receiving."

- Rod Kusser, Member Service Manager, Venture Communications Cooperative

"We were looking for a company with a proven track record and an understanding of Public Power. SDS has that track record and we were pleased with the focus and attention they put forth to customize our member survey to meet our objectives. The process of contacting and conducting the interviews was handled in a professional manner. SDS also provided routine status updates along the way, stayed on budget, and prepared a quality presentation report."

- Mark Otersen, Division Director, Marketing, ElectriCities of N.C., Inc.

"In conducting our yearly customer survey, SDS Research has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and responsiveness in supporting the objectives of our company. Survey work has been implemented with virtually no negative feedback from participating customers. I recommend you give serious consideration to using them for the valuable services they provide."

- Curtis Child, RC Willey Home Furnishings

"I can't say enough good things about the staff of SDS Research. They are experts at customer research. They bend over backwards to analyze survey results and to make specific recommendations. They are very knowledgeable about customer research."

- Barry Echols, Marietta Power & Water

"SDS Research provides a quality customer service training program and great service at a very reasonable price."

- Bob Fugett, IID Energy

"It is not every day that I can wholeheartedly recommend a company. It is a real pleasure to be able to do so in this case. If you are considering a survey of your customers, I believe SDS can deliver the best product and the best value obtainable."

- Ken Spradlin, Clarksville Department of Electricity

"SDS performed exemplary work in all facets. Their proposal was easy to understand and the quote was very competitive. The project started on schedule and was wrapped up right on cue. We couldn't ask for more; you stayed on schedule and on budget. We recommend SDS to anyone and would be glad to share our experience with anyone. Thanks again for the outstanding work!"

- Ken Spradlin, Clarksville Department of Electricity

"Thank you all for being so responsive and flexible with our requests. The information we are getting from this survey is really great and I think the change in the process is enabling us to repair some relationships we would not have had the opportunity to address otherwise."

- Jennifer Brannen, Director of Marketing, Customer Service & Retail

SDS custom-built training programs take the data from your customer, market research, or employee research projects and apply them to your organization's unique situation. In comparison to general "soft-skill" training programs, SDS training is based on sound research and proven results.

The point of SDS research is to identify leverage points - those key issues that most affect customer and employee loyalty and behavior. SDS customer service training programs focus on these identified leverage points, and on specific behaviors your employees can use to impact the satisfaction of your customers. SDS supervisory and management training use identified leverage points to train your staff on developing trust and commitment in your employees, leading to increased satisfaction and improved performance.

SDS training is designed to help employees, supervisors, and managers achieve their full potential. Investing in employee development results in increased loyalty from employees, and, ultimately, improved satisfaction for customers. An environment that encourages maximum performance and caring is enhanced when employees have the training and tools they need to reach their objectives.

SDS training can be conducted in a wide range of formats, as a one-time event, semi-annual or quarterly checkup, or as a customized ongoing program. The extent and pricing can be adapted to an appropriate level for any organization.

SDS offers a variety of training programs that emphasize the practical application of theoretical ideas. These upbeat and entertaining sessions are delivered with a strong focus on behavior change as each participant sets specific individual goals for applying the principles that are taught. Every training program is tailored to your specific requirements and uses active group participation to ensure that objectives are focused squarely on the success of your organization.

SDS Training programs include the following:


Improving customer satisfaction on the front line is the focus of this comprehensive, interactive workshop

Top-down involvement in a customer satisfaction culture creates customer loyalty and employee buy-in

Supervisory and coaching skills are indispensable to create a motivational, customer-friendly environment


We achieve success when the intensity of our motive exceeds the difficulty of our action

The ability to cut through the superficial and get on with doing the important things now

Possibilities begin to appear when we concentrate on positive self-talk and expect the best

Changing behavior is much more than an attitude adjustment


In the hurry and pressure of daily responsibilities, how do you manage to get it all done?

An exercise to help managers determine their most important responsibilities

Great ideas and strategies for helping those employees who just don't quite make it on their own

An entertaining use of percussion instruments to develop sound management skills